Redemption alcohol-free gastrobars
Welcome to Redemption alcohol-free gastrobars: Classy mocktails and super-healthy food. After a successful year of residencies, we're closed for summer while we prepare our new home in Shoredtich - yay!
Blueberry cheesecake that is GOOD FOR YOU!
A fresh and dairy-free blueberry cheesecake that is actually good for you - how do we do it?
Walnut & medjool date base - cashew, coconut & lemon cream - and fresh blueberries
Check out our vibe with this short video
short video of Redemption
Redemption @ Netil360
Mischief on Heels doing their cruisey set
Sharing platter
Sharing platter
The best hummus we can find, home made vegan pesto, harissa, nuts, aubergine and vegetable sticks, served with sourdough toast
As featured in….
As featured and recommended by lots of media. See In The News section (in About) for all our articles.
Tokyo Salad and Get Your Greens On!
A super alkalizing mixed leaf salad with avocado, tomato and sweet red pepper, drizzled with a spicy chipotle cashew 'cream', topped with tempeh, black beans and hemp seeds
Fun with zucchini!
Turning zucchini into 'pasta' with a spiralizer is quite good fun
Our chef Jolien rocks a nice headscarf and has fun creating our delicious zucchini pasta con pesto. You just need this bit of kit called a 'spiralizer' and hey presto your zucchini is like pasta - sooooo healthy
The view from Redemption @ Netil 360
Chilled tunes, amazing views and super-healthy fayre